Songbird Juice Company is more than a trendy health food store.

We are a connection. Each time you step inside, you’re one step closer to my home. The place where I grew up and peeled apples barefoot with my grandmother. The land where my grandfather was certain that a child’s hand planted the absolute best onions. This space is inspired by my upbringing. I welcome you to experience the gifts that this magical planet has to offer through raw pressed juice and real food blends. Each designed to nurture your body and enhance wellness. Try any juice before you buy and fall in love with refreshing plant based flavors.

Songbird Juice Company encompasses health, love and balance.

We aim to create mindful products and provide the community that has shown us so much love, the same. I thank you for allowing us to be a part of your community!

Experience Songbird

As the original cold-pressed juicery in Wichita, our team is eager to introduce more people in our city to experience healthy, nutritious foods and juices that are also divinely delicious. We do that through creating—and taste testing—recipe after recipe of juices, lemonades and smoothies that are made with fresh, clean, healthy ingredients.

Right now rates of obesity, diabetes and hypertension are rising in Kansas and too often, people don’t realize that eating healthy is delicious. Lemons, apples, ginger root, turmeric, beets, carrots, hibiscus, coconut milk are just a few of Mother Nature’s special treats Songbird Juice Co. blends to create concoctions that are as delectable as they are healthful.

We walk the talk.

Songbird Juice Co. is the only Eat REAL certified business in Kansas. Eat REAL certification is a nationally recognized mark of excellence for food and foodservice operators who are committed to holistic nutrition and environmental stewardship. The Songbird Juice Co. team is passionate about providing healthy options for our customers through our nutrient-dense foods that are free from highly-processed food additives and artificial ingredients. We do try and use local as we are able. Overall, we are mindful of the distance our produce travels whilst remaining truer to seasonal flavors and fresh ingredients. We try to be good stewards of our little corner of Wichita and encompass best practices like commercial recycling and composting efforts.

Expand your culinary horizons, delight your palate, and experience all the healthy options Songbird Juice Co. has to offer! Curious about how to pick up fresh pressed remnants of our produce for your gardens? Please send us an inquiry here.

Love yourself. Love your health. Change your life.

Real food certified because we believe accountability matters.

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