Juice Cleanse Step By Step (Based on 4 Juice/day, 3 day fast)

Start your day with a glass of warm lemon water or green tea with lemon.

Drink 1st Green

I prefer the sweeter juice in the morning, so I begin with Generosity. This can be interchanged based on preference with Recovery or any other juice. Greens give energy, so this is always my go-to for morning juice.

Drink plenty of water between juices.

If you get hungry, or feel like your sugars are getting low, try Kombucha, coconut water or add honey to your tea. You can also split the 16 oz. Kombucha up and drink 8 oz. in the morning and the other 8 oz. later in the day. Continue to hydrate.

Drink your root juice for lunch.

Again, hydrate between juices.

Drink Alkaline Lemonade as your mid-afternoon beverage.

Tips and Tricks: you can add more honey or agave to the Alkalaide to sweeten to your liking. Cayenne and maple syrup are also delicious and are good appetite suppressants (careful on the cayenne, it can get HOT!)

Finish with your final green for dinner.

I prefer a more savory juice, so I drink Recovery. Again, this can be interchanged with other juices.

Remember, this is YOUR fast.

If you find you are “starving”-drink or eat something gentle-a glass of nut milk (cold-pressed if possible), banana, chia pudding or vegetable broth. Challenge yourself, but set yourself up to succeed.  Don’t schedule a fast around a time when you believe you may be tempted or will be physically challenging yourself (holidays gatherings don’t tend to be a great time to be on a juice cleanse. Also, a mountain climbing trip is not the ideal time to introduce the rejuvenation program for the first time as your body will likely NEED the extra calories ).

Overall, listen to your body. 

Your health is our first priority. We want your juice cleanse to succeed. Read the pamphlet that we included with your order and be kind to yourself.

Ready to get started?

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